One Night

Episode 2 - Rochelle
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On the day of Danny's funeral, Rochelle visits her secret boyfriend.

Ted is 50 and hard-working but believes he will soon be forced to make way for new young talent. The barbecue he’s throwing for his boss that night just has to go well. He’s already on edge, but when a teenage gang of giggling girls refuse to pick up their dropped litter outside his house, Ted explodes into action. Little does he know he’s just started a chain of events that will end in murder. Rochelle has worked hard to become the first pupil from inner city Lakemead Park School to be accepted to Oxford University. Bright, conscientious and talented to boot, Rochelle is inadvertently caught up in a confrontation with Ted over dropped litter, and is suspended from a vital school trip, which would have been her first night alone with her boyfriend, Sami. Only Rochelle is hiding a controversial secret, Sami is from the wrong gang and their love must remain hidden at all costs. Desperate to see him and explain, she risks everything and rushes to his side.