Keeping Up with the Watford Ladies

Series 1, Keeping Up with the Watford Ladies Trailer
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Women’s football is becoming a national talking point and is one of the biggest growing movements in sport at the moment. Though coverage has increased exponentially in recent years, you still hear many men down the pub criticising it for the standard of play. Like many blokes, journalist James Dickman always fancied himself as a decent footballer, and wanted to see if he could prove the myth wrong. He was given special access by Watford FC to train with the ladies side for two whole, full on training sessions whilst they prepared for their league fixtures on the weekend, finding things tougher than even he expected. Taking a look at women’s football on the whole and going behind the scenes on match day James spoke to fans players and staff, about whether or not its pointless to compare the men’s and women’s game, the struggles and criticism the girls have faced and the direction women’s football is going in.