Drag Queens of London

Episode 4
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Darling of the drag scene and transitioning transsexual Munroe Bergdorf embarks on her journey to raise the money for life-changing facial surgery in her quest to become more feminine. 

Just as Munroe starts to get her life into a good place she is devastated to discover her best friend from childhood and drag-girl-about-town Lady Lloyd has slept with her ex-boyfriend.  As Munroe goes to confront Lady Lloyd their entire friendship is brought into question.  Contemplating their friendship Lady Lloyd returns to his childhood home in Cambridgeshire to get perspective on things, while Munroe returns to her old University haunts in Brighton.

Meanwhile political drag queens Jonny Woo and Glyn Famous embark on protest against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws, and invite Meth to perform at their East London fundraiser.

This eight part docusoap celebrates and showcases the diversity and dynamism of the London's drag scene, with plenty of glitzy and glamorous performances as well as revealing the stories behind the performer as the war paint comes off. These courageous and colourful characters have a lot on their plate and we see them triumph against the odds to forge careers, find love and make their lives as both drag queens and real men in the capital.