Dead Body Squad

Series 1, Dead Body Squad
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Every day in Britain, 32 people die alone and undiscovered in their homes.

This is a film about the people who clean up after death and the stories behind their work. Macabre but sensitive, dark but sometimes uncomfortably funny: this is a journey into the world of the specialist cleaners who work in the shadow of the emergency services.

The number of people living alone in Britain has more than tripled in the last 40 years…

… and so business is booming. Matt Brook’s runs the biggest heavy duty cleaning company in the South East. Each year they deal with more than 100 undiscovered deaths and suicides. An undiscovered body quickly begins to decompose and suicide brings with it it’s own complications. Once the body has been found and taken away, Matt and his team are called in to clean up what is left behind.

That there is money to be made in heavy duty cleaning, blood and death is a fact not lost on ex-Rentokil employee Steve and former estate agent Nick who have started a small business together to take on the dirtiest of cleaning work. They will clean up crack houses, brothels, dirty needles and faeces but it’s the lucrative and illusive ‘body jobs’ they are after.

Who would want this work? And who are the people, what are the lives, hidden behind the endless trail of ‘body jobs’ ? Each ‘call-out’ with the cleaners brings us closer and closer to the people who have died and the friends and relatives they have left behind.