Series 3, Episode 7 - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
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Three eggs, three women, three possibilities.

Now Sally's blurted out how she feels to Patrick and has convinced herself it's not meant to be. More importantly, she really, really doesn't want to produce a bald, noisy thing that will destroy her life - and decides to use Jane and Susan as a pregnancy control test, which leads to some unexpected revelations. Susan admits that she and Steve have been having a problem and decided to get themselves checked out - which Steve can only do with the help of a porn menu, some impacted lesbians and a comfort pillow… Meanwhile Jane admits to having gone a bit mad a few weeks ago when she went to visit Jeff…

Inspired by Steven Moffat’s relationship with his wife Sue Vertue, Coupling is a British sitcom produced by the BBC following the dating and sexual mishaps and successes of six thirtysomething best friends.