Series 3, Episode 6 - The Girl With One Heart
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Sally is lonely, unhappy and unfulfilled. And then she goes and spoils it all.

Susan has been redecorating the bathroom, only she's removed the lock from the bathroom door and declenching is now out of the question for Steve. Much to Sally's consternation, Patrick has a girlfriend - and Susan has invited them all for dinner. Jane wants to bring a date as celibate James is away - and the gorgeous pizza delivery man who lives across the road seems to answer all her prayers. Whilst Jeff and Julia don't seem to be seeing each other quite so much, Sally worries about being over-nice to That Girl - who turns out to be annoyingly slim and beautiful. And Patrick hasn't been entirely truthful about his relationship with Sally…

Inspired by Steven Moffat’s relationship with his wife Sue Vertue, Coupling is a British sitcom produced by the BBC following the dating and sexual mishaps and successes of six thirtysomething best friends.