Series 3, Episode 1 - Split
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Following an argument, Steve and Susan split up and make their separate ways to the Temple Of Woman.The entire episode is shown in split-screen.

Susan is furious, Steve is as indecisive as ever.They are both sleepless and miserable. Steve seeks solace in lager, dirty video games and reaching for the phone, Susan in a soggy handkerchief and a self-help book about soulmates, faith and why men are rubbish. Both rally their friends and head for The Temple of Woman - a prodding, waxing, tweezing beauty salon for Susan, a whooping, hollering lap-dancing club for Steve where Jeff bumps into an old friend…

Inspired by Steven Moffat’s relationship with his wife Sue Vertue, Coupling is a British sitcom produced by the BBC following the dating and sexual mishaps and successes of six thirtysomething best friends.