All About The McKenzies

Series 1, Episode 3
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Grandad convinces Samuell to see Dr Shabba, a relationship counsellor, to try and resolve his relationship with Annika.

All About the McKenzies is a brand new series straight out of London from Actor/Writer/Director/Producer/Rapper/Author Samuell Benta. The show provides a refreshing take on the typical “family life” sitcom, with some snappy directing, great acting and engaging plot threads that weave tightly about the ensemble cast from episode to episode. The premise is simple and familiar: a young man, Samuell, has to deal with his parents, grandfather and siblings every day in his packed family home, all the whilst trying to build a life and family of his own – responsibility, growing up, career and becoming a man are the key themes of the show, and they’re all explored in a subtle, understated and very funny way. All About The McKenzies is a family comedy drama that provokes families to think about their relationships whilst having a laugh. Four generations living under one roof and interacting, each episode makes the show robust and family appropriate. The usual archetypes are all there and accounted for; the strict and authoritarian dad, Raymond, the airy but supportive mother, Delia, the impossibly nerdy sibling, Andre and his polar opposite – the too-cool for you, Charlene. Finally, rounding the cast off are Angel – the sweet looking but thoroughly evil kid sister, and Granddad. He farts. It’s a tried and tested formula, providing a little something for everyone, but the grounded London setting and down to earth plots give the cast plenty of original material to play with.